Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Balance Your Chakras Anytime, Anywhere

Try as we might to relax and let things develop on their own, we still spend a lot of time rushing about. Ruled by the hands of a clock, we often let little instances of self-care go before we give up on our obligations to work, school or others. If we fail to take care of ourselves because of all of this rushing around, then we ultimately pay the price in the end, sacrificing our health and well being in order to get everything done that needs to be.
That being said, we don’t necessarily have to spend an hour in meditation every morning in order to balance out the stresses of the remainder of the day. We can steal tiny moments in between rounds of work and shopping, harnessing our inner power and balancing our chakras so that when the next upset comes along, our subtle energy system is clear enough to handle stress and distractions with ease.
Once we become attuned to the movement of energy within our chakras, we can instantly send healing light and love through them, breaking up negativity and releasing it with our thoughts and finding homeostasis, if for just a few brief moments. It really only takes a minute, and it can be done while waiting for a cab, standing in line at the pharmacy or rinsing the dinner dishes.
This simple exercise combines visualization and intention to send a blast of healing energies through our chakras, instantaneously. We can feel it’s effects immediately, but more importantly, we gain the awareness that even though life is harried and hectic, we are still working towards upholding the obligation we have to ourselves to keep our energy levels high and clear if we want to be whole, even in the midst of all of the daily stressors that we face.
Stand or sit with eyes closed. Breathe deeply and slowly through your nostrils and let your arms go limp at your sides. Visualize your chakra system and be aware that it is operating in this moment in order to keep you stable and grounded. Depending upon how much time you can spare, imagine each chakra, feeling it’s intensity or lack of intensity in your mind. Imagine that you could take a step away from your body for a moment, and then turn to look at the rainbow of energy that is making its way through your chakras. Imagine a wave of brilliant white or golden light coming towards you from the ethers. This light contains all of the colors of the rainbow and it is heading towards your chakras to give them a blast of fresh, clean life force energy.
Allow this healing light to enter into all seven of your major energy centers, either one at a time or simultaneously. Feel the energy being absorbed by your chakras and notice the changes that come up in your body. Some people will experience a steady stream of goose bumps or a rising of the hair on the back of your neck. Others might feel a surge of electrical energy or movement in the stomach area as releases are being had. Whatever sensations your body is feeling as a result of this healing force of light, allow them to occur and be grateful for them. Bask in the comforting glow of this life force energy as you return your awareness to your body, knowing that this jump-start to your chakras was effective.
When practiced often, this exercise takes less than a minute of your time, but it can have a tremendous impact upon your chakras, clearing away emotional debris and realigning your energy and awareness with the high, fine energy of Source.