Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Best Teaching Tactics for Students

They say that there are no bad students, only bad teachers. This is not for all situations, but I believe you can apply this saying most of the time. Students learn from teachers who show passion and conviction. Students know when a teacher is just being forced to teach. Students easily absorb whatever is being laid to them by the teachers. If you think that you are not a good instructor, the tips below might help you. It includes the best techniques from the best teachers I’ve known.

Stop terrorizing them. Most students don’t want to go to classes because they are scared of their teachers. You think that they respect you. But now you know what they really feel about your iron fist. You can be firm with your decisions as a teacher. However, you need to be gentle too. Remember that you are the parent in school. No one would like to have a terror parent, right?

Give them ‘out – of – the – classroom’ activities. Do you know that your 4 – walled room can be very boring? You need to go out so that your students can breathe fresh air. You can conduct classes in a park (of course, you have to secure necessary permits first). This is a good tactic because you are ‘refreshing’ your students mind.

There are other activities which you can do as well. Ask them to report a certain subject using ‘satires’. That would be very fun and educational at the same time.

Give them a regular test. Of course, it shouldn’t be all fun. You have to gauge your students regularly. This is to ensure that they are learning from all your activities. If most of them failed, you might want to re – teach the lessons. If you think that they master the subject already, you can go to another lesson.

Tests can be in different forms too. You can make it an oral or a written exam.

Listen to your students. This is really important. Bear in mind that we are never perfect. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t improve yourself. You need to be able to accept the things that you have to improve. You have to try instead of ignoring those.

I don’t think that the above tips are hard. You make it as your habit and it will come naturally. Of course, you won’t be able to see the effects of your teaching tactics. However, it will show years after your students have graduated under your supervision. 

Kim Bookman is a writer for Gowelding.org, one of the best welding sites to learn how to TIG weld pipes. Learn how to weld and see what classes are available by visiting the California Welding School and Classes.