Thursday, March 15, 2012

Diamond Jewelry Isn’t Just For Women: How Men Can Wear Theirs

Everyone loves a little bling in their lives, right? Whether it’s a rock the size of the moon or a classy, tiny little guy, diamonds are timeless and effortlessly beautiful. But what’s with this idea that their specifically for women only?  Men should be allowed to don them as well- without the snickers and snide remarks from their bros.  Remember how the color pink helped men to “establish their masculinity” (or whatever the hell the purpose of that craze was) just by wearing the hue? Yeah, diamonds are kind of like that, only much more efficient at producing that masculine effect.

Obviously men’s and women’s jewelry differ in several ways. We’re not saying a man should necessarily sport a blinged-out choker with a diamond value of $5 mil. Men’s diamond jewelry can be tame and still remain classy and showy. Check out some awesome pieces below that are man-approved and won’t cause the fashion police to tackle your ass.
1.    Watches: Some men feel that if they’re going to wear diamonds, they may as well serve a purpose as well. Watches are a great way to wear a little sparkle and they’re clearly useful- because we all know how much men are obsessed with gadgets and telling time. Just because it’s a larger piece of jewelry doesn’t mean it has to be totally diamond-encrusted and enough to break the bank. Scope out some watches that contain diamonds scattered here and there- or even just one nicely set diamond.
2.    Necklaces: Gold, silver, or platinum chains with a diamond accent or even a charm (like a cross, not a prancing unicorn like your 10 year-old niece’s) are popular among the male species as well. Wear it with a button-down that’s half-unbuttoned and you’ll have girls (and guys, if you’re into that) swooning like no other.
3.    Bracelets: No, we’re not talking about a dainty chain with pink diamond hearts dangling all over the place. Men’s bracelets are typically beefier and have just a touch of diamond accents stamped about. Choose from metal linked, leather woven, wooden- some bracelets don’t need diamonds to make them desirable, so don’t be afraid to explore all options.
4.    Earrings: Not just for your woman’s lobes anymore! Today, it’s completely normal to see men showing off earrings- either two or just one. Small diamond studs are a subtle and classy way to wear this type of jewelry; if you’re more daring, try an unusual and slightly larger design. Just try to steer clear of hoops, okay boys?
5.    Cufflinks: Channel your inner James Bond and get yourself some diamond cufflinks, which women, for some reason, find irresistibly sexy. Maybe it’s the possibility of our man morphing into a suave British hunk who saves us from villains. Hey, a girl can dream. There’s quite a large variety of styles to choose from, like rounded, square, gold, silver, diamond, engraved, patterned, so get a move on it!

Kristy Kravitsky is a Pennsylvania State graduate who looks forward to a career in writing and traveling.