Friday, March 30, 2012

Eat Healthy in College: Here's How

With busy class schedules and working schedules, it can be painstakingly hard to eat healthy while at college. Sometimes, a tasty Big Mac or quick bag of Doritos is too tempting and tasty for a quick quell of the hunger pangs. Unfortunately, a daily regime of these nutritionally empty foods will send you in a downward spiral of health and performance. The downside is you’re clogging your arteries, stalling your immune system, putting on unwanted weight and slowing down your naturally quick wit. With changes in paradigm and habit, you can get yourself into a daily routine of eating well while you’re away from home.
Watch portions. If you’re living in the dorm and are on a college food menu, watch your portions. Ever seen those gluttons at Golden Corral return over and over again to fill their plates? You don’t want to join these sad chow-downing creatures. Fill your plate once, and don’t go back for more. Eat slowly and stop eating when you’re full. Discipline yourself early on that more is not better and resist the urge to get more than your money’s worth. If you don’t, you’ll be joining the club of freshman who put on 15 pounds their freshman year of college.
Be selective with the foods you eat. With the focus on healthy living, chances are your college dining hall is serving up healthy and nutritious foods. You’ve got to make the decision that you want to eat healthy. So bypass the creamy macaroni and cheese dish and go with lean chicken and vegetables. Your arteries will thank you for your smart decision. Sure, you’ll see decadent chocolate cakes and sugary donuts, but try a yogurt or fresh fruit instead. Your hips will thank you for your judicious choice. Remember, you’re in college, and you’re supposed to be smart, so eat smart. It’ll impress the ladies and gents too, which is also a bonus.
If you’re going to college but have your own apartment, you’re really in complete control of your grocery list. Think healthy and plan healthy. Have a list of healthy foods written out, so you don’t fall prey to luring sales of unhealthy foods. Plan to fill your fridge with lean meats, fresh vegetables, fruits and nutritious munchies. Expand your culinary skills and get a good cookbook on healthy eating. Using low fat vegetable oils, such as olive oil, when cooking will enhance the food’s flavor and keep your cholesterol levels low.
Since you’ll be doing some late night studying, you’re bound to get the munchies. Read the labels before buying your late night treats. Try to avoid those filled with preservatives that are just plain garbage. For example, if you like potato chips, select a brand that’s natural and baked, instead of fried. Keep a bag of nuts handy, nuts are filled with good fats and will fill you up. Always make sure to have fresh fruit in your apartment. Get a whole watermelon, slice and wrap it up. You can easily grab a slice when the munchies strike.
Remember, no one but you decides what you eat. Make sure it’s a healthy choice.