Monday, March 26, 2012

The Flower Mystery Solved

Flowers make a great impression and always uplift peoples spirits no matter what the occasion. They are able to make people feel special with beautiful colours and smells. Although flowers still hold a certain mystery and often make us how do you choose the right flowers? Are they appropriate? Will they be delivered fresh? What message do they send? Here is a brief discussion to remove the mystery.

While some gifts may be improper or irrelevant, flowers are more versatile. can be given to a women or a man and act as a sign of friendship, love and thankfulness. have become a tradition example when going for dinner at someone's home, it is appropriate to bring flowers. bring a piece of natural beauty to the home that can be enjoyed long after the guests have left. Flowers never bring awkwardness or jealousy to a situation. Flowers are also a great way an apology.

Flowers are no longer only for women. It has become quite a trend to send a man a tree for example. These trees have a masculine appeal and can be enjoyed for years. They would be received with thankfulness.

How do you pick the right flowers for every occasion? Flowers can be given for anniversaries, graduations, get well, weddings and funerals. Many people don'tthat flowers all have different meanings. If you aware of these meanings you would be able to choose the right flower for the occasion. On Mother's Day, flowers should have a feminine colour like pink, white peach. You should also take personal preference and the personality into account. For Valentine's Day you would usually choose roses as symbolise love. could go for something different like sunflowers which also admiration. To be different for someone's birthday you could give them the flower that matches their birth month. For example January has the carnation, February has the violet and March has the Jonquil.

This is where the technical part comes in the Chinese culture flowers have hidden meanings. The number of flowers and the type of flower have a special significance. Your gift of flowers may mean 'Will you marry me?' instead of 'I apologise' so be sure to choose wisely when buying for a chinese friend. To be safe, most flower companies allow you to include a personal message with your bouquet. In our own culture we also given meaning to certain flowers, and not everyone may know this. For example a dozen red roses means 'e mine', a purple hyacinth means 'lease forgive me', a primrose means 'I cant live without you.'

Some guys have a fear ordering the wrong flowersthink you need specific knowledge to order flowers his is not true. You could ask your florist to choose an arrangement for you or to guide you through the process.

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