Monday, March 19, 2012

Fresh New Wedding Signature Color: Green

All of a sudden, it seems like green is one of the most popular colors. It is showing up in women's clothing, in men's fashion (emerald green chinos for guys!), and best of all, in weddings. Discover how to use the many shades of green to infuse your wedding with a beautiful fresh appeal.
One of the prettiest ways to create a green wedding is to use a range of shades. Ask each bridesmaid to choose a dress in her favorite shade instead of matching everyone. It will look beautiful to have a bevy of lovely ladies in a range of emerald, forest, sage, lime, and sea glass tones. They can unify their look by choosing dresses in the same fabric, such as chiffon or organza. The bride can give their attendants gifts of wedding jewelry made from a combination of white pearls and several shades of green crystals for a pretty accent.
Green flowers are lovely on their own and in combination with white blossoms. Pale green hydrangeas mixed with white garden roses would be so pretty for the wedding bouquets and centerpieces. A navy ribbon would be a nice crisp contrast for the bouquet wraps if you like the classic preppy look. Or you could go with a very soft natural style by displaying your green blossoms in DIY twine covered vases. They could also skew to a soft vintage style if you wrap them in pale pink ribbon and lace for the handle. There are plenty of other beautiful options for green flowers and natural elements beyond hydrangeas too. You could use Kermit mums, cymbidium orchids, green hypericum berries, ivy, ferns, geranium leaves, and more.
For your green reception decor, think about the mood you would like to create. Some of the best themes to work with this signature color are woodsy, vintage, preppy, beach, and natural. If you like the idea of a vintage inspired reception, it would be so pretty to dress the reception tables with mismatched sets of china handpainted with green and pink floral designs. You could display white blossoms in green Depression glass vessels for a unique detail. The bride at this style of wedding would be dreamy in a layered tulle or chiffon gown worn with delicate crystal wedding jewelry.
Shades of green can easily be incorporated with neutral tan and ivory colors to create a simple natural design. Play with texture to bring plenty of visual interest to this muted color palette. The natural theme lends itself to being made more elegant or more rustic, depending on your taste. To dress it up, layer beautiful pale green linens on the tables and use interesting china to give the tables personality. Or go for a more rustic flavor by putting green and white flowers in white birch veneer vases on wooden tables. Hang green moss initials on the back of the bride and groom's chairs for a special detail.
Whatever your style, you can make it come to life with a green wedding color palette. Whether you prefer the glamor of emerald green or the soft romance of a gentle spring green, the color comes in a shade to fit your taste. When looking for inspiration for your wedding colors, be sure to consider fresh wonderful green.
Bridget Mora has written hundreds of articles about wedding planning for Silverland Jewelry over the years. She is very excited to see her favorite color, green, become one of the hot new trends for weddings this year! Whatever your wedding colors, you will find the perfect wedding jewelry at Silverland Jewelry.