Friday, March 16, 2012

Gas Versus Electric Cookers – Which Is Right For You?

Most consumers will over time develop an idea of whether gas or electric cookers are most suited to their needs and cooking preferences.  However, if you have only ever owned one of the two main types of cookers, it may be that you aren’t sure how they compare.  Or perhaps you are finally moving out of your parents’ home and have absolutely no idea which option to go for.  The truth is that both options offer benefits and which is right for you is really down to personal needs.
Oven performance
Research shows that older consumers are more likely to opt for gas ovens over electric ones.  One theory behind this is because they are best suited for cooking more traditional foods, such as roast joints.  Gas is great for cooking meat with as the heat is moist and as a result the meat will retain its juices and not dry out.  However, only fan assisted models will deliver even temperatures throughout the oven.  In contrast electric ovens deliver even cooking whilst also providing the versatility of being able to program them to turn on at a certain time.
A good grilling
Utilising the grill is a great way of cooking your food in a healthy way.  With gas grills you have access to instant heat as soon as you turn them on.  In comparison electric gills can take much longer to warm up, which can be frustrating if you are in a rush.  Again, one benefit that electric grills have over gas alternatives is that they deliver a more even cooking experience.  Cooking on some gas models can result in sections of the food being overcooked or undercooked.  Some more modern electric models will also have half grill features, enabling you to save energy and money.
On the hob
As with the grill, gas hobs provide instant heat, whereas electrics hobs will take some time to reach cooking temperature.  Another plus for gas hobs is that you can easily adjust the heat and it will respond immediately.  With electric hobs you often have to fiddle for a while before you find an appropriate setting.  However, the fact that electric hobs are flat means that they are very easy to keep clean.  In contrast gas hobs have many raised parts and surfaces, which can be difficult to access when cleaning any food residue.
Counting the cost
There is very little difference in terms of cost between gas and electric cookers.  With both types it is possible to secure a budget model that is only just in the three figure bracket.  Likewise, you can find more deluxe models of both kinds that will cost upwards of four figures.  So you shouldn’t let your budget guide your choice of whether to go for gas or electric.  One thing that is perhaps worth considering is that you could opt for a gas hob, with and electric oven, or vice versa.