Monday, March 19, 2012

Get Noticed in College

In some college classrooms there are 500 other students, sometimes more. In situations like this, you can feel invisible and unimportant to the professor. Most professors do the best they can in classes this large to actually get to know their students, although it is really hard to get to know that many students in one semester. It is really hard to get noticed in classes like this; however it is not impossible. Even if you are literally 1 in 500 students in one classroom, don’t be afraid to do some things to stand out. If you do, you will have a much better relationship with your professor, which means opportunities for a better grade and also for networking. Here are some ways to stand out to your teacher.

1. Sit close to the front
If you are constantly sitting in the back, your teacher will never get the chance to even see your face. Sit in the front row everyday. He or she will definitely recognize your face and you have a good chance of getting to know them. The professor will only recognize faces that he sees every day. If you change your position all the time, your teacher will not see you all the time and he will forget your face. 

2. Ask questions
Be one of those people who asks a lot of questions. Professors love questions because it shows them that their students are actually paying attention to them in class and that they are enjoying their lectures. If you raise your hand in class, your teacher is definitely going to notice you. Make sure that the questions you are deciding to ask are smart questions. People say there is no such thing as a dumb question; however, make sure the questions you ask in class are not pointless and will actually benefit not only you, but the other students. 

3. Be proactive
Do not just sit around and expect to be noticed. You must be proactive when trying to get to know the professor. Go to his office hours, sit down with them and ask about your grade, or get help on a paper. Going to office hours will really help you develop a good student-teacher relationship with your professor. They will probably greatly appreciate the interest that you are taking in the class. If you are proactive, you will not be a wallflower in class and your teacher will recognize you in a crowd of people. 

4. Fill out student evaluations
Many professors hand out student evaluations midway through the semester. If your professor does this, be sure to make good and helpful suggestions to them. Do not criticize or bash their teaching skills or the subject at all. Even if it is not require to write your name, do it anyway. Your teacher will appreciate your comments and will know exactly who you are and what you said. 

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