Thursday, March 15, 2012

Good Dental Routines: Something All Children Should Practice

When it comes to children we can all worry too much. Parents naturally worrying about introducing them to the right things at the right time which is okay because everyone wants good things for their children. We want them to stay healthy and we want them to have good smiles also. But, when and how do we go about introducing them to a good dental routine.
As Soon As They Are Born
When your baby is first born it is important to start their dental hygiene. I know this may sound crazy and you are wondering how one can possibly brush a small child’s teeth when none are present. However, keeping their mouth clean is something that must be done to keep them from developing thrash.  Obviously, you would not be using a toothbrush. But, it is important to wipe their mouth out with a clean damp washcloth when you give them their baths.
When your child starts developing their first tooth then it is time for you to get one of the finger toothbrushes. Usually, you can find them sold with toothpaste for a very reasonable price. Your child will love as your finger goes across their gums because it will be soothing to their tooth. However, at the same time you are getting them used to having their teeth brushed as well.
1 Year Old
By the time your child is one they should love getting their teeth brushed. If they develop their teeth quickly like my sons both did you will be using a toddler toothbrush at this time. They will love having their teeth brushed and it will become a favorite part of their bath time. By the time they go to their first dentist appointment the dentist will be surprised as to how good your child behaves.
Many parents do not understand the important of introducing dental care at an early age. However, if you wait too long down the line it will not be something that your child thinks is fun. Also, brushing your teeth before or after your child is a tip for helping them maintain the good habits during their toddler years. We know that toddlers love to be like “mommy” and “daddy”. So, if they see mom and dad doing it they will want to be included in the fun as well. Good dental routines are something that will be instilled in your child for life.