Monday, March 12, 2012

Health and Medical Care – Brisbane’s Backbone

Brisbane is a bustling city that sees people from all over the world coming in to settle in its womb. The third largest city in Australia has some of the world’s best facilities when it comes to different arenas of our life, like transport, infrastructure and companies. Amongst these facilities, health and welfare is an extremely high priority with over 50 hospitals providing complete coverage to all corners of this wonderful city.

If you are looking for a medical institution that can help you or your loved ones undergo treatment with complete peace of mind, then here’s a look at some of the top hospitals in the city.

Greenslopes Private Hospital

Run by Ramsay Health Care, Greenslopes is a part of Australia’s largest and most reputed private hospital operating company. The hospital offers healthcare of the highest level, providing a world-beating tertiary medical facility in the heart of Brisbane. It is also amongst the leading private-teaching hospitals in the country.

In Brisbane, Greenslopes boasts of 570 beds with comprehensive facilities for day services as well for in-patient treatments. Every single adult speciality is catered to by a staff of highly trained, professional and friendly people who are dedicated to the cause.

Mater Health Services

Amongst the top medical service providers, Mater Health Services are a large not-for-profit organization that has seven hospitals all over South East Queensland. The company also runs a medical research institute and has a pathology and pharmacy business to boast of, as well. Established in 1906, Mater Health Services provide world class medical care and treatment to over 500,000 patients a year.

The hospital, in Brisbane, is a collaboration of private and public facilities that cater to insured and non-insured patients. The company is owned privately and operates in charitable capabilities, ensuring that their private-facility revenue is directed right back into providing charity services to patients who cannot afford world-class medical facilities.

Prince Charles Hospital

One of the leading hospitals in Brisbane, the Prince Charles Hospital is known for its facilities for Cardiac and general medicine, surgical services in all capacities, aged and disability services as well as a community healthcare program that ranges from assessment to coordination to support services.

The hospital employs over 3,500 staff members, dedicated to the health and welfare of residents in the northern part of Brisbane. The hospital is even known to provide services to other parts of Brisbane as well as to the population from the northern part of New South Wales.

The Park

One of the leading centres for mental health, The Park offers an opportunity for patients to access the best medical and nursing care, for patients suffering from mental illnesses, in the heart of Brisbane. The hospital is also a leading research centre in the field of mental medicine and treatment, while teaching and education is also a part of the role it plays in Brisbane’s society.

There are plenty of other hospitals that offer some of the latest medical technologies and care to patients from all over Brisbane and other parts of the country. A major hub for medicine, Brisbane has become a leading contributor to the world of medical science in Australia.