Friday, March 16, 2012

How Crane Mats Benefit the Environment

Projects such as pipeline ventures or logging require the use of heavy equipment and machinery.  Typically they are located in remote areas that are lush with plants, trees, and wildlife.  To ensure that these ecosystems are not ruined crane mats are utilized.  A crane mat or hardwood mat is considered a movable wood road.  These roads are placed on the ground to allow trucks and other equipment to get from one site to the next without damaging the topsoil.  Topsoil is known as the top part of the soil that is rich in organic material.
Damage to the Environment
If the topsoil is damaged it can take several years to get back to the original state.  Repairing the topsoil may take several people, lots of equipment, and extra soil.  Rather than spending the time or money to fix the damage, companies are spending the money to protect the environment from getting damaged.
The Purpose of a Crane Mat
Cane mats are laid down side by side until they create a wooden road.  This road allows equipment to drive to the desired location without damaging the earth with their tracks and tires.  Although this does not prevent damage completely, it does slow down the depletion of the soil and minimized the amount of land reclamation work needed.        
Preventative Measures
In the past preventative measures were not taken to protect and preserve the land.  A large amount of petroleum is transported all over the country through pipelines.  These pipelines are all man made and because of that there has been considerable damage to the land to build these structures.  Some of the destruction that was caused in the past is still being repaired and the damage is still evident today.
Nowadays, companies have taken intensive measures to make sure that the land is not destroyed.  Crane mats, hardwood mats, timber mats, swamp mats, and pipeline skids are all used to make a temporary road for equipment crews to use without hurting the environment.  Petroleum companies are always updating their equipment and machinery to make sure that the work they do does not have costly effects to the plants and animals for the years to come.
Crane Mats
Crane mats made out of wood and are extremely strong to handle heavy loads.  They are durable and last for several years.  When the mats are laid to construct a road, equipment and trucks carrying heavy loads can travel on them effortlessly and efficiently.  Other uses for crane mats are in the construction of bridges and wind mills.
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