Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How Does Forskolin Help You Loose Weight?

Forskolin is a natural supplement for weight loss. Weight has become a common all over the world with researchers showing that more people are becoming overweight everyday because of leading unhealthy lifestyle. What most people fail to realize is that being overweight poses several dangers to one's health hence the need to address the issue.
What are the health risks of being overweight?
Being overweight is not only a social stigma, but it also poses a great danger to the body. It is the main cause of cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure. It is also the main cause of diabetes, respiratory problems such as sleep apnea cancers such as uterus cancer, breast cancer and others. These weight related diseases are expensive to treat and one may end up spending millions of dollars in the hospital. With all these problems in mind, it has become important for people to watch their weight.
How effective is Forskolin for weight loss?
Being a natural supplement for weight loss, there are many people that are interested in knowing how Forskolin work. This is because natural supplements provide the most effective and safe way to lose weight. The supplement is derived from the Coleus Forskohlii plant and has been used to treat diseases such as heart disease, insomnia, lung disease and convulsions. Forskolin for weight loss works by increasing the production of testosterone and facilitating metabolism also. Testosterone facilitates muscle building in men and women and this leads to fat burning hence weight loss.
So, how much Forskolin should you take? Ideally, one should take around 25mg to 30 mg of the pill three times a day but it is not yet clear what the best dosage is. It is therefore very important to seek the advice of a doctor before you start using the supplement. Most people think that by taking more pills you can lose more weight but this is not always the case. In fact, this can result in side effects.
Weight Loss
Like most medicines, Forskolin works best when combined with exercises and a healthy diet. You should therefore visit the gym regularly and keep away from junk foods, alcohol and other diets that are known to cause weight increase. If these instructions are followed, there is no reason why one should not loose weight.
Forskolin has other benefits besides facilitating weight loss. The supplement has been shown to be a mood stimulator. It can therefore be said to be an antidepressant and can be used by people with depression. Research has also revealed that this supplement can protect individuals against cancer, lower high blood pressure and act as an anti-allergy agent.
Side Efects
The side effects of Forskolin include low blood pressure, increased heart rate, heartburn, dizziness, nausea, blurred vision and chest pain. You should see a doctor if you notice any of these symptoms.
Weight is a common concern for men and women. This can put the heath of the individual at risk hence the need to address it. Forskolin can help you to lose weight but you must live a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly.

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