Friday, March 30, 2012

How to Dress For a Formal Occassion

Do you have a big formal event coming up soon? Formal occasions are wonderful to attend, especially since the elegance in a dress can help make you look good and feel good. Formal dresses are usually made with more beauty and designs, so you will find a nice dress to be very different and unique at the same time. There are certain tips and guidelines, however, because you don't want to go to that event without the right clothing. By taking the time to wear something nice and different, along with learning about the different tips and tricks to wear something nice, you will find yourself looking your ultimate best beyond your wildest dreams.

How to Dress For a Formal Occassion

-Long gown dresses

The dresses that are long gowned are the ones that you need to consider buying. These are usually very beautiful and will already make you look good in a decent way. Long gown dresses should always reach the floor in a slight way, but not to the point where the dress is sweeping the dirt off the floor. These dresses should be a mixture of darker colors like brown, grey, black, and possibly red. The brighter colors can be used, but it all depends clearly on what you wear and what the event demands of the visitors.


It has been said that jewels look great on formal dresses. While that is true, it is good to know that too many jewels will not do you any good. Make sure that each jewel is made with complete care and beauty, and that it doesn't cover up the entire dress. Usually a few nice spots with the jewels and the sparkles should be good enough. Anything that is too much can be quite bad for you in the long run

-A fancy skirt will do

If you find a long dress to not git your entire body well, you should consider getting a nice skirt. The truth is that these skirts are great to use, and you will find yourself looking good as long as the skirt is nice. Just make sure that it has several designs, as these skirts look much better when there are more things added to the overall design. I highly suggest that the top is more just an ordinary top, and then the skirt will add most of the designs on the skirt.

-Brighter nails

If your nails aren't that nicely made, you will find that they can be a big way to ruin your entire look. Make sure that your nails are well designed with clear nail polish. You can add a set of french tips if you want, but this is all about finding what you want. Matching what you want between your nails and your dress is a great idea, but this isn't all that recommended to do for most people.

-Light makeup and good hair

Your hair can be nearly any type of style that you want. I highly suggest that you put your hair in a nicely created bow, or you can simply let it all down in a fashionable way. It truly just depends on you and your overall look. You can clearly see based on the dress what kind of hair should be created. For the makeup, it is important to get nicely created makeup that isn't too overdone. If the makeup itself is too much, try decreasing the makeup to look more natural. The general rule is to try and make your face look like you have no makeup. However, the extra foundation and blush for that extra spark is still a good idea.

Dressing in formal clothes is a great way to get that perfect look for any formal occasion. You must remember that the dress is not the only thing that you need to wear. The overall look involves a nice set of shoes, jewelry, hair, and makeup as well. By putting it all together slowly, you can be sure to get the perfect look for any party. Follow the advice above and you can attend your next formal event in style.

Jacklyn Dorsey is one educated fitness expert who has spent years learning about Zara and all kinds of dresses like "kleitas". Geting more fashion shopping tips and advice is important for looking your ultimate best.