Thursday, March 22, 2012

Know your Health through your Eyes and Stay Healthy

Your eyes can reveal a lot about you.  It is not just the windows to your soul as commonly as it is known – it turns out that the eyes will tell you more than that, including your health.  However, the eyes alone are not conclusive of the health condition you have.  It is still best that you consult your doctor and engage yourself to a thorough medical check-up to resolve the questions about your health that you’ve been battling about.
First, bulging eyes:  This will show that the person may be suffering thyroid problems given that the abnormal thyroid hormone levels can bring about tissues neighbouring the eye to swell up.
Second, droopy eyelids:  Having droopy eyes will indicate not just ageing but might actually exhibit that you are having symptoms of brain tumour or could have been an autoimmune disorder that is referred as myasthenia gravis – a condition  that deteriorates the body muscles.
Third, uneven pupils:  Face the mirror and check whether if one of your pupils is bigger than the other, might have reacted differently to light (anisocoria), or this could be an indication of a severe medical disorder or condition such as stroke, brain aneurysm, brain tumour, optic nerve tumour and others.
Lastly, yellow eyes:  The diseases which show signs of yellow eyes are of the liver, such as jaundice, hepatitis, cirrhosis wherein the whites of eyes turn yellow which is brought about the build-p of bilirubin.
Thus, if you think that you might have problems with your health as you look into your eyes, do not conclude immediately.  Again, visit your medical doctor and ask for a credible examination.  However, you could always live a healthy life to prevent diseases and to live a long life.
Having a healthy life is not impossible to do.  You just have to be unwavering.  First, start within yourself and start from the basics.  In your workplace, discover nice workmates.  Study shows that a lack of emotional support in the workplace can lead to increased risk of dying.
To avoid cardiovascular disease, floss your teeth.  Yes, flossing has been found to add years to your life as it prevents gum disease that has been linked to cardiovascular disease.
Don’t totally wander off away from chocolates and wine.  Having chocolate and red wine will improve your health and lengthen your life as both have antioxidants. However, you have to enjoy them in moderation.