Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Limitations Of Astral Projection Lucid Dreaming

Astral projection lucid dreaming is an out-of-body experience that takes place when a person is sleeping. During this process, one is aware of the fact that he/she is dreaming and has the power to manipulate and direct the dreams. The term “lucid dream” was coined by Dutch psychiatrist Frederik van Eeden. However, lucid dreaming is just not about knowing that one’s dreaming. There’s much more to it. It allows us to experience and conquer things that we cannot in real life.

As much as astral projection lucid dreaming benefits us, it is of utmost importance that we practice it under controlled circumstances for our safety. Although, the number of people reporting their experience as threatening or dangerous is next to nil but still there is a niche for bad happenings. One needs to take care of a few things to make their experience a pleasant one.

Since this process lets us have anything we desire, people often get addicted to it. Like any other addiction it can also prove harmful for our health and well being. Due to this, one spends more time sleeping than waking and tries to live their fantasies. It can also prove difficult for a person to differentiate from dreaming and waking. One may find it extremely difficult to tell when he was awake and when he was dreaming. Confusion of great degree sets in and it can give birth to a disassociate nature.

When lucid dreaming, one has to authority to control and direct the dreams. If a person spends too much time practicing it then he might turn out into a control freak in real life. He would want to make things appear and disappear or ward away evil with superpowers just like he does in his dreams. One might feel like controlling others thoughts and actions which is highly inappropriate in the waking world. Some also start imagining things when they are awake which gives them an idea of lucid dreaming at that time.

There are some signs which let us know if a bigger problem is developing. If one suddenly gains the power to overcome any pain which otherwise would have been intolerable then that is a sign of astral projection lucid dreaming gaining on the person. Plus, a person instantly gets absorbed in any television program or movie and remembers past so vividly it almost feels as if one is reliving it. The world seems blocked by fog and nothing appears clearly. Recognizing friends and relatives becomes a difficult task and one looks at himself as if looking at some other person.

Astral projection lucid dreaming is a travel into the unknown. It can prove to be the most satisfactory and fulfilling experience but only when practiced with caution.