Friday, March 16, 2012

Making Science Fun: How to Get Your Kids Interested in Science

A love of science is something that can benefit your whole life. It opens our eyes to the wonder of the world around us, sparks curiosity, and can even lead to a career choice that is a passion rather than just a job. If you have children you will no doubt want to help them to discover just how interesting science can be. Try experimenting with these ideas.

Be a Good Role Model

Despite the importance of science and scientists to all of the comforts of civilization, the media still often portrays those who are interested in it as boffins and nerds. Counteract this stereotyping by being openly interested in science yourself - after all, you are your child's closest role model. Support your child's interests and try to expose them to scientific role models such as Marie Curie, Carl Sagan and others. Without role models they will find it difficult to imagine a future in science.

Explain the Science Behind the Everyday

Try to show your child that science underlies almost everything in their world. While some kids might be internet whizzes who already know about Google search algorithms and SEO services, others might be more interested in sports. Explain the physics behind throwing a football and the biology that makes some kids faster or stronger. Relating science to interests that they already hold will help them to see why it is useful and important. If your child asks a question about something that you do not understand yourself, show them how to find the answers. Perhaps you could design an experiment together!

Sign up For Science Camp

Science camp is a great way to let your child associate with other kids with similar interests. It also exposes them to a wide range of different scientific areas and lets them watch and participate in experiments that their school or your home could never facilitate. There are a wide range of different science camps across the country, both for specific disciplines or more expansive programs. Some cities also offer weekend classes for interested children.

Support them in their Interests

If your child wishes to enter a science fair, take extra classes or attend local science events, do your best to support them and help them. Try not to push your own interest upon them – just because you are interested in physics does not mean that your child might not prefer biology. Pushing your own preferences upon them will probably backfire. Instead, offer your advice and support in the area that they find most fascinating.

Helping your child to discover an interest in science from an early age will give them tools that they can use throughout their whole life.

Michelle, a guest blogger, regularly writes about technology, including SEO services and science education.