Monday, March 19, 2012

Quantum Physics Parallel Universe

The food we eat, different people, stars, grains of sand; all come together to form the world we know. In this world, we are all truly unique and action we take has unique implications. However, if we go by the parallel universe theory we exist in more than one universe taking different actions with different implications. In fact, this theory states that every possible action and outcome has a parallel universe dedicated it. It may be difficult to digest the fact that alternate versions of us exist in alternate universes but this theory, unlike others including time travel and past life regression, take roots from quantum physics experiments.

To understand the parallel universe theory we need to look at everything that surrounds us including ourselves beyond the microscopic level. We are all made of up of tiny atoms that that co-exist and function in an organized yet chaotic manner. If we dig even deeper, we will realize that the root of all existence is vibrating energy in its purest form. Everything we feel, touch, think and imagine is a manifestation of this energy. The whole universe, in fact, is a large field of energy with different vibrations and frequencies.

Now, the basis of all quantum physics and energy studies boils down to these points:

  • Energy can travel through space without actually covering the intervening distance. Ever heard of teleportation in your favourite sci-fi movies and video games? Energy follows the very same concept.
  • Energy and quantum particles can exist at more than one location at the same instant of time. This is the basis of the parallel universe theory.
  • One of the most fascinating observations in quantum physics is that the world of pure energy otherwise known as the subatomic world is influenced by our intentions and observations. To put it in a crude manner, whatever scientists wanted these particles to be, they were.

The second point that speaks about the existence of quantum particles at more than one location is what forms the parallel universe theory. We only see the world that is shaped by quantum particles when they are here. However, these quantum particles do exist at other locations at the same time but we are unable to see them. This clearly points out to the fact that it is possible that other versions of us and our worlds exist at different locations.

The third observation about quantum particles is one of the most fascinating ones. It states that quantum particles, when observed, are influenced by the process of observation. It may be nature’s way of fooling us but this reality was a manifestation of what the scientists believed to be real. It is for this reason that beyond a certain level, when talking of parallel universes, it is hard to keep science and creative visions apart.

It is a fact that positive visualization brings desirable changes to our lives and this very concept can be used while exploring parallel universes as well as meditation or past life regression. Reality is something created in our mind. Apart from resorting to science and technology to expand the horizons of reality, it is also very important to exploit the powers of the mind. 

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