Friday, March 16, 2012

Suave: 10 Hair Secrets for College Guys

Whether you’re a frat boy, geek, jock or just the boy next door, you want to sport your lion’s mane to look good and attract some girl attention. After all, you’ve got to make those long walks across campus worth your time and try to get a hot date. Here are 10 secrets to keeping your manly mane well-coiffed.
First Secret
Pillow hair doesn’t cut it. When you wake up, your hair is all over the place, and you look like a bruised and distorted apple. That’s right; the Einstein look won’t impress the ladies. Make sure you take at least 10 minutes to get those unruly hairs in place.
Second Secret
Greasy hair is a turn-off, and you’ll look like a homeless person who wandered onto campus. Depending on your oils, you need to wash your hair once at least every other day. No excuses guys just do it. It’s basic hair hygiene 101.
Third Secret
More brushing and combing is better. Well, not always. If you’re whipping out your hair utensil every five minutes, you might get a bad rep, such as the guy who’s obsessed with his John Travolta hair.
Fourth Secret
Choose a gel that’s not reinforced with concrete. That spiked look is attractive; however, if your spikes look like weapons, you may just scare the ladies off. Choose a gel that will style your hair, yet will leave a soft look. Use a gel for styling techniques, such as scrunching, molding, sculpting and freezing.
Fifth Secret
Select a reputable hair stylist. Even though you’re probably on a shoe-string budget, you won’t always get the best results with a $5 haircut. If you see someone’s haircut that you like, ask them who their stylist is. Caution will avoid regret.
Sixth Secret
Choose a hairstyle that compliments your face shape. No sense in trying to fit a round peg in a square hole. If you’ve got a round face, longer, straight flowing strands will help elongate the face. If you’ve got a long face, short and tapered strands will shorten the face.
Seventh Secret
If you want to look like a movie star, you’ve got to have the right hairdo. Get a hairstyle magazine at a local Barnes and Noble and look to see what styles your favorite celebs are donning. Since Justin Timberlake is a real heartthrob, modeling his look is a good start.
Eighth Secret
Use mousse to enhance your hairstyle. When used on dry hair, mousse will make it easy to hold, shape and mold your hair in place and with a more natural look. It’s also useful in providing volume for men with finer or thinner hair.
Ninth Secret
Use a good conditioner to keep that coif looking and feeling good. Shine and soft is very attractive to the ladies. Remember, ladies love to feel the touch of their man’s hair. You don’t want it feeling like a Brillo pad.
Tenth Secret
Hair care should be an important part in a man’s grooming. Keep in mind that an untamed mane and a hardened head of glob will ruin your look, even in the finest Armani suit.