Thursday, March 15, 2012

Top 5 Tips to Keep the Sinus Problems at Bay

Sinusitis or any sinus-related problems are always problematic and annoying to those who have it. Sinusitis is often caused by allergies to dust, pollens, smoking, strong scent, weather, and sometimes, stress. To start with, a person who has sinusitis or has problems with his or her sinuses often feels headache which is usually severe, presence of nasal sound, temporary loss of sense of smell and taste, pain on the sinus area, sometimes accompanied by itchiness on the nasal area, facial pressure, presence of mucus, postnasal drips, and weakness. This problem would greatly affect school and office works as you may lose focus while you battle on your sinusitis. It is never easy to concentrate on work or study while dealing with sinus related issues. So here are the top five tips to keep the sinus problems at bay.
  1. A hot drink will help – Since you need to relieve your sinuses from clogged mucus and will keep it in good condition to function effectively, hot liquids is a perfect remedy to solve this problem. Unclogging the sinuses will help you feel a lot better since it will reduce the pressure on your face and you can breathe easily and comfortably.  
  2. Lots and lots of Vitamin C – Vitamin C strengthens immune system and this will combat sinus problems and will also lessen the risk of acquiring sinusitis. Oranges, apples, vegetables, and fruit juices are some of the best sources for Vitamin C. You can also opt to buy vitamins in the pharmacy. Green tea is also a great way to relieve and boost your immune system against sinusitis.
  3. Avoid dust – Dust is the most common culprit for sinusitis and it is often unavoidable at times. People would often get it from their homes, work places, or when traveling.  Bad thing about dust is that it is almost everywhere. You can never escape from it. Good thing is that you can definitely minimize the dust within your surroundings. How? By simply eliminating stuff that accumulates dust easily. Stuffed toys are number one item within the household where dust would love to stay and hide. Heavy draping or curtains also serve as great hideout for dust, and unused items are often full of dust too. Start by getting rid of stuffed toys, use blinds instead of curtains and throw away unused stuff in your room or anywhere else in your home.
  4. Avoid irritants – This would mean avoid perfumes that have strong scents, smoking, and many other items that can trigger your sinusitis. Oftentimes people with sinus problems would just use mild colognes for daily use. Smoking is a big NO for persons with sinus problems.
  5. Take a rest – Resting is great way for your body to recover from any kind of sickness. Inadequate rest can increase the probability of getting sinus infections. Sleep early and avoid stress. Do not push yourself to work when you are not feeling well.
  6. Keep a tab on humidity level – Your sinuses can get irritated easily if they are dry. A slightly humid environment will keep your sinuses moist and they will be less prone to irritation by dust and pollen particles in the air. Try saline nasal irrigation every few hours to flush out unwanted particles from your nasal cavity.
  7. Check your oral hygiene – Your oral hygiene is directly related to sinus health. Our mouth is a breeding place for germs which have a clear passage to our sinuses. Brush your teeth twice a day, scrub your tongue and use a good mouthwash.