Friday, March 16, 2012

Top 6 Ways to Wash And Dry Your Clothes The Eco Friendly Way

In these environmentally conscious times we’re all looking for ways to use less energy and reduce our carbon footprint. Using your washing machine and drier less will not only make you less likely to have washing machine problems, but it will also help you cut the amount of energy you use, decrease your energy bills and reduce CO2 emissions from your home.

Choose a lower temperature

The cooler the water is in your wash the less energy your machine will need to use to heat it. In the past some washing machines weren’t as effective at lower temperatures. However, as washing machine manufacturers have been required to develop their machines to be more eco friendly, today most washing machines work just as well at lower temperatures as they do at high temperatures.

Most manufacturers recommend that washing at 40 degrees is right for creating the right balance between effectiveness and ecology.

Choose a quick wash

If you choose a quick wash it will use less energy than a more extensive washing programme. Lots of people think that a quick wash won’t get their clothes really clean but in actual fact it’s just as effective for a normal load but a lot quicker and cheaper too.

Avoid tumble drying

No one can deny that tumble drying is convenient, but using your tumble drier can cost you more than one pound with each use. When you tot up how many times a week you tumble dry it’s easy to see that you could save a lot of money by avoiding using the tumble drier.

Hanging your washing out to dry is completely carbon neutral and can result in fewer creases in your clothes. Try hanging your washing in your airing cupboard, near radiators or over the bath. Your washing will be hanging around a while, so just get out of the house and spend some of that money you saved by not using your tumble drier.

Don’t use your drier for quick drying items

Realistically, the only way you can make tumble drying cheaper and reduce your carbon footprint is by using it less. If you can’t live without your drier then choose what you dry in there carefully. Smaller items like underwear and thin cloths like cotton will take no time to dry on a line, avoid tumble drying them and just use your drier for bulky items and thicker fabrics.

Avoid limescale

Treat your machine once every six months with a limescale remover to avoid damage to your machine. This will improve efficiency so it will use less energy.

Maintain your machine

The best way to avoid washing machine problems and make your washer more efficient is to clean and maintain it regularly. Use a limescale removing tablet once every four to six months and clean out your detergent tray once a month to get rid of any build up. Clean your washing machine window and check the door seal is working well. Making sure your machine is well maintained will increase efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions.

Sally Eden is a lifestyle blogger and freelance journalist from Hertfordshire. She writes regularly on everything from Indesit washing machine problems to how to cope with divorce. She has three children.