Friday, April 6, 2012

3 Beauty Tools You Can’t Live Without

Women all over the world are now realizing that outer body is sometimes as important as inner beauty— or at least, in some circumstances. As make-up is now becoming more and more sophisticated, you will often find that average women can now create results that were only previously achievable by professional make-up artists. For instance, airbrushing techniques and contouring can now easily be done in just minutes. In this article, we list three beauty tools that no makeup kit should be without.

1.      Make-up Primer
Almost every woman regularly uses foundation or makeup base to even out the complexion but only a few make the effort to use a good make-up primer before anything else. This is actually a mistake, because make-up primer can really make a huge difference. First of all, a primer will even out any creases or fine lines in your skin, so that powders and creams are less likely to get stuck in these. Second, they can really help makeup stay put, requiring less touch-ups for longer periods.
Most makeup primers are serums, but there are a few which are cream- or powder-based.
2.      Blending Sponge
If you have been following beauty trends, you probably know that the buzz is all about the Beauty Blender .When we first heard of this product, we honestly thought that it was some kind of makeup processing kit: sort of like a mixer where you can throw in various shades of lipstick to come up with the perfect shade (now, wouldn’t that be an awesome product?). We have since learned that the beauty blender is actually a specially designed make-up sponge that allows you to apply foundation seamlessly to achieve the sought-after no-makeup look.
This quirky sponge is shaped like an egg with one pointed tip. The downside to this product is its price: it retails at around $18 each, sometimes even more depending on your area. If you are not willing to spend that kind of money on just a sponge, then the good news is that according to several beauty bloggers there are now cheaper dupes which can produce the same flawless finish.
3.      A set of makeup brushes

Some women will splurge on high-end makeup brands like MAC or Estee Lauder but they will think twice about investing in good makeup tools like brushes. This is a mistake. As famous makeup artist Wayne Goss points out, you can achieve better results with a good makeup brush and drugstore cosmetics but it could be hard to create a good look using a cheap brush with expensive makeup. So if you aspire to create a makeup look that doesn’t scream amateur, throw away those cheap plastic and foam applicators that come free with your eye shadow palette.
If you have already browsed for some makeup brushes and find yourself turned off by the steep prices, then consider middle-range brands instead. Search for honest and independent product reviews so that you can avoid wasting your money on products that just doesn’t cut it.