Monday, April 2, 2012

Parallel Universe - True Or Not?

Most of us are fascinated when we hear about parallel universe theory.  Is it possible to have parallel universe?  This is the first question that comes to the mind of a common man who hears about the theory of parallel universe.  We have not yet explored one universe and now we are talking about many universes.
Though parallel universe theory is new it cannot be ignored as rubbish.  Today there are no concrete proofs like the images of the other planets but then few hundred years back we were not ready to accept the full picture of our own universe too.  We are still not completed the research on the universe and in that research we can always go ahead with new theories and new concepts.
Many people think that it is just a figment of our imagination but we do have some people who believe in the theory as they have come across such kind of experiences.  Past life regression is one such experience where people might have experienced the parallel universe.
Different people give different theories when it comes to parallel universe.  Scientists have their own reasons to believe about other universes, where as regression therapists have their own theory about parallel universe.  Here the fact remains that two totally different communities who are continuously on the loggerheads for their existence are coming together and accepting this new theory.
Scientists are people who do not talk about the facts and proofs.  This is just an idea based on the observations and few assumptions.  Today they do not prove their point but in future they can definitely do so.  The parallel universes are far from our universe and today we neither have any transport system to travel so far nor we have the powerful telescopes through which we can see them but we can be hopeful that we will be able to take pictures of at least one another universe just the way we can take pictures of Mars and Venus today.
The basic concept of the parallel universe theory is that there are many more universes in the space and all the universes have their own solar systems and the existence of a similar planet like earth where human beings live.  Past life regression session can be an excellent tool to believe in the theory of parallel universe.
At times the regression therapists are unable to understand what their client is describing when they talk about the past life as their description does not look like a part of our universe.  Now the regression therapists conclude that the place which they do not understand is surely not a part of the universe we live.
This gives us one more theory that though we do not know much about the other universe, the system which controls the birth and death of the lives is capable of handling all these universe and human beings as well as animals, insects, trees can take birth in any of these universes.  All these universes are connected to each other by some force.
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