Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Choosing CNA as a Career

CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) is one of the best career building opportunities in the field of nursing and health care. Whenever you are choosing for a career as a certified nursing assistant, you should make sure that you have fulfilled all the requirements for that position. The minimum eligibility criteria for the job of a certified nursing assistant are high school diploma from any renowned university and an age limit of 18 years or more.

The career growth as a CNA is very high, as more and more people are eying for the position of a CNA. The certified nursing assistant should possess a CNA certification degree, as it acts a green signal to apply for the position of a CNA in the field of nursing. CNA salary is the most striking part of a CNA job, as it is paid on hourly basis. The salary of a certified nursing assistant ranges from $20000 to $ 35000. This salary range may vary from one state to another. There are various factors on which the salary of a CNA varies such as experience, training and education, location, past job performances, etc.

The ways to increase salary of a CNA includes strengthening the skills, gaining more experiences while working with the patients and doctors, clearing the levels of CNA to RN, etc. The job of a CNA will never end, as it is an ongoing process. The main important aspect of a CNA jobs is that it can never be hit by recession at all. So it is recommended to have a full research about CNA before choosing CNA as a career. Just be sure that you have gathered the information from the right source. To know about CNA pay scale