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Jops in computing

Jops in computing

Jops in computing

This is a list of jobs done by people working at the DVLC.

Job 1: Loading magnetic tapes.

Job 2: Altering the programs.

Job 3: Entering data into the computer.

Job 4: Managing the computer department.

Which of the above jobs is done by

(a) the computer operator?

(b) the keyboard operator?

Here is a list of job titles to do with computers:

Computer engineer

Data control clerk

File librarian Programmer

Shift leader

Computer operator

Data processing manager

Keyboard operator


Systems analyst

For each of the tasks below, write down the most likely job title of the person doing it. You can use a job title once, more than once, or not at all.

(a) Loading a line printer with paper.

(b) Coding a computer program.

(c) Appointing new staff in a Data Processing Department.

(d) Correcting errors in a program.

(e) Finding the correct data tape.

(0 Testing a new computer system.

(g) Demonstrating a computer to a new customer.

(h) Keying in data.

(i) Repairing a faulty disc drive.

Briefly describe the work of

(a) A data processing manager.

(b) A computer operator.

(c) A data preparation operator.

A firm wants to install a computer. They have gone to a computer company for help. The systems analyst has investigated how the firm does its stock control manually. List or describe two further jobs he would do before the computer system is fully ready to replace the manual system.

Key-to-disc operators enter data into the computer system.

What other task is done by the key-to-disc operators?

What is the main task of a data preparation clerk working in a wages office?

Applications of Computers-commercial applications

Explain the following terms, giving an example in each case from a stock control system.

(a) File.

(b) Record.

(c) Field.


(a) What is contained in the re-order level field in the stock file?

(b) Describe fully when and how this field is used in conjunction with the re-order file.

Part of an employee's weekly payslip is shown below.

employee number employee name gross pay deductions net pay

023145 C. Newbury £400.00 £140.00 £260.00

To produce this payslip the employee number, employee name, deductions and rate of pay per hour are required. What one other piece of data is required?

Producing payslips for several thousand employees .


Producing details drawings for a computer aided design application


Producing high quality letters that can be sent to business customers


Producing listings for computer programs being developed on a microprocessor


(b) The payslip below was printed using preprinted stationery .

Jops in computing

Copy from the payslip above one item that would be preprinted on the stationery before the payslip was produced, one that was copied from the master file and one item that was calculated by the computer.

(c) State one reason for using preprinted stationery in this case.

A travel agent uses an on-line booking system to book seats on aircraft flights. The telephone system is used to communicate between the travel agency and the airline's computer.

(a) Give one advantage of having travel agencies connected on-line to the airline's computer in this way.

(b) Choose one of the following secondary storage devices which you consider to be most appropriate for the airline's computer. Give one reason for your choice.

a magnetic tape unit a floppy disc drive

a cassette tape machine a fixed disc store

(c) Whilst booking a seat for a customer there is a power failure at the travel agency. The power does not come back for an hour. Give one possible effect of this delay in communication.