Saturday, March 23, 2013




When Mrs Smyth's order is delivered to her door, the address label has been produced by the computer on 'Preprinted' stationery.

(a) What is 'Preprinted' stationery?

(b) Why is it more convenient to use preprinted stationery for these labels?

All computer systems require at least one input device and at least one output device if they are to do a useful job. Below are three situations. Give an input device and output device for each.


(a) A microprocessor system in a washing machine.

(b) An enquiry/booking system of a large airline.

(c) An arcade video game.

A computer program is written such that the user makes selections from a menu.

Give two reasons, other than speed, why using a menu to select the commands might be better than typing in the commands themselves.

A daisy wheel printer, a dot matrix printer, and a graph plotter could all be used to produce paper output from a computer.

(a) A daisy wheel printer and a dot matrix printer could both be used to print business letters in an office. Explain which would be better in this case.

(b) A dot matrix printer and a graph plotter could both be used by a fitted kitchen shop to produce the plans of a kitchen on paper. Explain which would be better in this situation.

A large city central library uses a computer to produce a catalogue of details for ever yone of the 500 000 books it contains. Copies of this catalogue are output and distributed once a month to all the smaller branch libraries around the city. The-branch libraries do not have computer facilities of their own. Which form of output would be most suited to this task?

A Cassette tape

B Fanfolded printer paper

C Floppy disc

D Microfiche