Saturday, March 23, 2013

Processing system

Processing system

Processing system

Which of these applications is an example of a real-time computer system?

A Controlling a nuclear reactor

B Printing wage slips

C Producing gas bills

D Searching a database

A computer system with a single disc drive and printer allows up to 50 users simultaneous access.

If two or more users attempt to print out reports at the same time, how would the system handle this?

Write down the names of the units marked A, Band C on the above diagram of a microcomputer.

These are all modes of computer operation.

For each of the applications given below write down the most suitable mode of operation.

(a) Controlling the signalling on an underground railway system.

(b) Updating the accounts in a Building Society overnight.

(c) A system to allow many students in a large Polytechnic access to the central database at the same time.

Tick the three applications in the list which would be carried out using batch processing.


Uses batch processing tick (√)

Printing gas bills

Producing payslips

Airline bookings

Controlling a chemical plant

Producing invoices

Some schools and colleges have networks of computers.

(a) Give two advantages of a network of computers.

(b) Give one disadvantage of using a computer network.

Networks are used to ensure the efficient exchange of information.

(i) With the help of diagrams describe three different network configurations.

(ii) State two disadvantages of using the public telephone system for networking.

(iii) What is a multiplexor and how may it be used to advantage in a network?