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Description: Programs and procedures, with their documentation, which can be implemented on a computer system.


Excluding games and entertainment software, most commercially produced software is either an application package or a utility program.


(i) Give one example of an application package.

(ii) Give one example of a utility program.

(b) Any good applications package has these features regardless of the task it is to do.

1 It must be robust..

2 In order to sell well it must be portable.

3 It must be reliable.

Explain what each of the underlined terms mean. You may use examples to help you explain.


Ring one item from the following list to complete the sentence.

an applications program a compiler

a utility program an algorithm

A program to sort the transaction file is called .

Which one of the following is a systems program?

A A stock control program

B A spreadsheet program

C A file-copying program

D A graphics package

E A program for a computerized personnel system

(a) An operating system is an essential feature of any general purpose computer system. This is true whether the computer system is a central mainframe with many users, some using remote terminals, or a personal computer with only one user.

Describe three of the jobs that need to be done by the operating system.

(b) Any computer system that holds personal, commercial, or military information needs protection from unauthorized access or use.

(i) For a central mainframe computer system there are many different ways in which it is possible to restrict access. Describe briefly three of the methods that might be used.

(ii) For a personal computer state two precautions not already given in your answer to part b(i).