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Technical , Scientific and Other Uses

Technical , Scientific and Other Uses

A runner is training for a 1500 m race. The coach is worried about the effects of running on the althete's heart and lungs. To monitor the runner there is a microcomputer system worn on a belt around her waist. There are sensors that will measure the following:

1 Breathing rate.

2 Heart rate.

3 Stepping rate.

These sensors are connected to the microprocessor. The microprocessor is connected to a radio transmitter. The transmitter sends the information collected to a track side computer system. This is shown in the diagram on the next page.

(a) What inputs are required for this data logging system.

(b) There is an output device connected to the belt microprocessor. This output device is not shown on the diagram. It gives urgent information to the runner.

(i) Describe or name a suitable device.

(ii) Give one use for this device.

Technical , Scientific and Other Uses

(c) The track side computer system also has an output device.

(i) Describe or name a suitable device.

(ii) Give one use for this device.

(d) Give one reason why there is a backing storage device provided on the track side computer.

(a) Mr and Mrs Glen wish to move to a new house. They are planning their dream home.

Technical , Scientific and Other Uses2 

Dream Homebuilders Ltd. build houses to customers' own specifications. They draw up plans and build models to give customers an idea of what their houses wilJ actually look like. If customers are not happy then plans are redrawn and new models built.

Mr and Mrs Glen contact Dream Homebuilders Ltd. Mrs Glen, who is a computer consultant, is surprised to find that the firm does not use computers in designing houses. She tells them about Computer Aided Design systems.

Describe two input and two output devices that the firm might need if they were to install such a system.

(b) I Describe how a Computer Aided Design system could be used to make changes to existing plans and produce new copies of them.

(c) Describe the advantages of the computerized system by comparing it with the manual system.

(d) Despite the cost of equipment and training, Dream Homebuilders Ltd decide to install a Computer Aided Design system. They also plan to keep on all of their existing employees. How can this be financially worth while?