Saturday, March 23, 2013

The social impact of computers

The social impact of computers

Many businesses make use of electronic mail and electronic funds transfer to improve efficiency, reduce costs and speed up communication.

(a) State one advantage of using electronic mail instead of having a telephone conversation.

(b) Slate one difference between electronic mail and electronic funds transfer.

(c) Name two applications that might use electronic funds transfer.

(d) Describe how electronic mail and electronic funds transfer might change the work patterns and lifestyles of people using them.

Many goods and services can now be paid for using plastic cards. All the card companies use computers to work out the bills each month. This means t.hat the card company computers

store a lot of personal details about their customers and their purchases. If another organization got hold of the information it could be used against the card holder.

(a) Give two different organizations that might want to have access to this personal information.

(b) Explain why the card holder might suffer if these organizations did get access.

(a) Explain why the introduction of a computer system may result in unemployment.

(b) Explain why incorrect use of a computer system may result in a loss of privacy.

(c) Describe two methods which are used to ensure that data held on a computer is secure.

The argument that computers help increase unemployment is sometimes countered by saying that. the new microchip based technologies create job opportunities that. were unheard of 20 years ago.

(i) Describe how computers are replacing people in two distinct areas of employment.

(ii) Describe two broad areas of employment that did not exist before computers became available (excluding data processing).

(iii) Comment on the changes in employment patterns that have resulted from the development of computer technology.

Write down two computer applications which affect the work people do in an office.

The social impact of computers

Word processors may mean fewer typists

(a) Although some people may lose their jobs due to word processors, there are advantages to be gained by using them in an office.

Give two advantages gained by using word processors.

(b) As yet few workers have lost their jobs to computers. Name two kinds of jobs where people have had to retrain because of computers.