Saturday, March 23, 2013

Use of Computers in industrial processes

Use of Computers in industrial processes

A greenhouse has a window which can be opened or closed under computer control. It also has a heater which can be switched on or off by the computer.

There is an electronic thermometer connected to the computer for measuring the temperature inside the greenhouse.

It is a very hot day so the window is open and the heater is off. At night there is a dramatic fall in temperature.

(a) How will the computer know about changes in temperature?

(b) List the two steps that the computer will take as the temperature falls.

A microprocessor system is used to control the heating in a house. The heating can be set to come on and off at particular times, and the temperature in each room can be individually set. Within each room there is a temperature sensor, and an electrically controlled valve to turn radiators on and off.

Use of Computers in industrial processes5

(a) Explain why the converters are needed.

(b) Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using a computer controlled system compared with other control systems.

(a) Give two ways in which it is better to use robot welders rather than men.

(b) Give one way in which men are better than robot welders.

Many car manufacturers have introduced robots to their assembly lines.

(a) This involves a great deal of initial investment. Give two financial reasons why the companies might feel it worthwhile to introduce the robots.

(b) Robots must be taught to carry out their tasks. Explain how this is done.

(c) In paint shops, robots are used to spray paint the cars. Explain what can be done to make sure that the robots only spray paint when there is a vehicle there.

(d) The introduction of robots in car factories has increased the number of people required in some jobs and decreased the number in others.

(i) Name or describe two types of jobs in which the numbers have increased.

(ii) Name or describe two types of jobs in which the numbers have decreased.

(e) Describe a safety measure that may have been introduced as a direct result of having robots in the factory.