Saturday, November 8, 2014

Common Skin Issues


The skin is the body’s largest organ, weighing between six and nine pounds and its surface area measures about two square yards. The skin separates the inside of the body from the outside world, making it more vulnerable to different external factors and damaging outside elements.

The skin is responsible for protecting the body from viruses and bacteria and it regulates the temperature of the body. Some conditions that inflame, clog or irritate your skin can cause some symptoms, like itching, burning, swelling and redness.

Irritants, allergies, your genetic makeup, certain diseases as well as immune system issues can cause hives, dermatitis and some other skin issues. Different skin problems like acne can also have impact to your overall appearance.

To maintain the overall health of your skin, you must be aware of the common skin issues and conditions that you may experience in the future. Having a better understanding of success issues can help you resolve them effectively.


Different Skin Conditions and Problems you need to Keep In Mind

o Acne. Most teenagers often suffer from this skin condition. Unfortunately, acne is a skin issue that doesn’t disappear with puberty, as more and more adults are suffering from acne. Stress situations, sweating and great levels of humidity cause acne. Washing and cleaning the skin might not give positive effects and it can be very difficult to deal with. Visiting a dermatologist is the best solution to this issue.


o Ingrown Hair and Razor Burn. Shaving irritates sensitive facial skin and razor burn is causes painful skin sensation. Most men are also experiencing consequences, which include serious irritation and red skin. If you do not want to get razor burn, pay more attention to your pre-shave routines. Before shaving, warm water may be used to wash your face. Do not use old and rust razors. Use shaving cream to prepare your skin your shaving and to soften hair. Ingrown hair is also a side effective of shaving.


o Sunburns. Do not forget about sun protection, as UV radiation is highly detrimental for the skin. Those who have fair skin color often experience sunburns, as their skin doesn’t produce sufficient amount of melanin to provide their skin enough protection from the sun. Apply sunscreen before going on the street. Once you’re indoors, applying some moisturizer is also important.




o Dark Circles. If you’re to stressed at work and do not get enough sleep, your skin will be negatively affected. Bad eating habits will also affect the condition of your skin. The combinations of such things will cause dark under-eye circles.


o Rashes. A rash is an indication of an abnormal change in the texture or color in skin. Rashes often happen because skin inflammation, which can also have different causes.


o Bruises. These are common skin injuries resulting in skin discoloration. The blood from the damaged blood cells beneath the skin gathers near the skin surface which result in what you may think of as blue and black mark.


o Dry Skin. Constant air heating and cold temperatures may cause skin irritation. Itchy and dry skin is a normal thing, especially during the winter season. To solve this problem, it is necessary for you to apply moisturizers every day, which can be very helpful in softening rough skin.


These are just among the many skin problems that you may experience. If you notice any change in the color or size of your skin, seeking professional assistance is the best solution to rectify the issue.