Sunday, November 30, 2014

Gums, Mouth Sores, Teeth, Throat, and Tongue Natural Cures


Gums, Mouth Sores, Teeth, Throat, and Tongue


Bleeding Gums


For bleeding gums, take 20mg. of zinc and 500mg. of vitamin C daily. 


Eat a diet of natural foods and lots of vitamin C to help fight the deterioration of bones and infections of the gums, etc.



Canker Sores


Eat yogurt


To dry up and heal canker sores, hold a wet tea bag in your mouth over the canker sore; adjusting the bag from time to time for comfort, but keep it over the sore for at least 10 minutes.  Dandelion tea may also heal cankers and prevent their return.


For early treatment of canker sores, punch a hold in a vitamin E capsule and squeeze the gel directly on the ulcers as soon as they appear.  This can be repeated from time to time until the sores are healed.  A good gargle can work wonders too.



Cold Sores


Outbreaks of cold sores can be triggered by stress, which weakens the immune system.  According to researchers, one of the best things you can do to keep away these painful sores is to relax.





Eat garlic and oranges. Garlic makes loose teeth take root again and removes tartar.



Tooth Decay


Eat cheese, drink tea, brush your teeth and visit a dentist.



Sore Throat


While this in not a cure—it has been used to relieve the horrible pains of throat cancer.


Violet Leaf Tea, used as a drink, mouthwash or gargle.  Use of this common tea is not permitted without a doctor’s approval and is no substitute for qualified medical care.


To make the Violet Leaf Tea; use 2 ½ oz of fresh leaves of the Prince of Whales Violet, the kind that grows wild or in you Grandmothers garden, in a pint of boiling water.  Don’t use the general herricks variety (the large florist violets sold in nurseries as Viola Odorata). 



Tongue Soreness and Burning Remedy


To relieve soreness of the tongue, take large doses of Vitamin C.


To relieve a burning tongue, take a liver supplement along with vitamin B-12 and riboflavin.



Bad Breath


Chew on a fennel seeds or munch on a sprig of parsley.